LisT oF caTfisH FamiLy

1. LORICARIIDAE or Suckermouth Armoured Catfishes
2. CALLICHTHYIDAE or Armoured Catfishes
3. PIMELODIDAE or South American Antennae Catfishes
4. MOCHOKIDAE or Upside Down Catfish
5. DORADIDAE or Talking Catfishes
6. BAGRIDAE or Asian Antennae Catfishes
7. AUCHENIPTERIDAE or Driftwood Catfishes
9. CLARIIDAE or Walking Catfish
10. SISORIDAE or Asian Hill-Stream Catfishes
11. ARIIDAE or Sea Catfishes
12. ASPREDINIDAE or Banjo Catfishes
13. SILURIDAE or Sheath Catfishes
14. ICTALURIDAE or North American Catfishes
15. AMBLYCIPITIDAE or Loach Catfishes
16. PANGASIIDAE or Shark Catfishes
17. AKYSIDAE or Asian Stream Catfishes
18. CLAROTEIDAE or Claroteid Catfishes
19. AMPHILIIDAE or African Hillstream Catfishes
20. SCHILBEIDAE or Schilbe Catfishes
22. CETOPSIDAE or Whale Catfishes
23. PLOTOSIDAE or Eel Tailed Catfish
24. ANCHARIIDAE or Madagascan Catfishes
25. MALAPTERURIDAE or Electric Catfishes
26. ERETHISTIDAE or Moth Catfish
27. CHACIDAE or Frogmouth Catfishes
28. TRICHOMYCTERIDAE or Parasitic Catfish
29. ASTROBLEPIDAE or South American Hillstream Catfish
30. SCOLOPLACIDAE or Spiny Dwarf Catfishes
31. LACANTUNIIDAE or Chaipas Catfish
33. DIPLOMYSTIDAE or Patagonian Catfishes
34. CRANOGLANIDIDAE or Armour head Catfish, Chinese Catfish

dipetik dari

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